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Masking the Pandemic

Last year was a year none of us expected, especially me. Like many of you, I was just going about my normal work day when I was alerted that we would be going on lock down. I, living in Southern California, happened to be in a region of the country that was the worst hit by the COVID outbreak due to our population being so dense. 
For years, I've had an Etsy Shop. I started out crocheting and selling handmade Bikinis, then I let it die down a bit and I had just focused on an occasional order.
I'd upkept the shop throughout the years by selling my little crafts here and there. Then, when the pandemic hit, there was the mask shortage. I had this wild need to figure out how to create a fabric mask, just because I knew I could, and the plan was to use fabric that I had bought and saved for the perfect craft project. I never thought much would come of it but I listed it in my shop and to my surprise, people were ordering. 
It took some trial and error, but soon I had created a prototype I was happy with; orders started tripling by the day. I couldn't believe the immense support I was receiving from Friends, Family, and my Customers. I had never felt so driven to pursue my passion for Creating and for Business. And even when times became rough with the economy and how that affected getting supplies and shipping times, I continued to receive the support I needed to continue.
I used to run to the post office 15 min before closing, all while the city was on lock down by the National Guard, through protesting, road blocks, just everything you can imagine.
Now, here I am a year later; some place I never thought I would be with this business. For better or for worse, I'm grateful for this journey. 1,644 Sales, 202 Five Star Reviews, and making Top 3% of Sellers on Etsy. We made over 3,000 masks to help with shortage and all it took was a lot of Coffee, staying up until 4 AM, and just Commitment to run a business. 
I have since decided to branch out and create my own website and cut ties with Etsy. I'm excited to see where this takes me now that the Pandemic is winding down. What's for certain is I couldn't have done it without the support I received. 
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